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Tours to Yuntai mountain

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  WASHINGTON organize birthday staff travel, which many private enterprises in Suzhou, the staff never dreamed of things, however, some birthday Xuelong employees enjoy such benefits did it. Recently, the company union and the Human Resources Department jointly organized the "Company lucky staff birthday tourism" activities started again, the total of 37 people went to Henan Yuntaishan tourism, which is from May this year, since the second birthday lucky Xuelong staff went Yuntaishan tourism activities.
  Organization birthday lucky staff travel is not only Xuelong Company strengthened "the establishment of efficient incentive management models to promote corporate culture" and "people management" a concrete manifestation, but also to let everyone in the hectic work to relax, enrich their amateur life, enhance communication and collaboration between departments.

(Birthday lucky staff posed for pictures in Yuntaishan)

  This activity much welcomed and loved the staff, employees expressed a keen interest in the process of relaxing feelings enterprise "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in the process of caring for employees appreciate the business and enjoy to "Corporate ownership" of honor, happiness and pride. We have said that in the future work, we must live up to the company's attention and expectations, work harder, practical action and the best return on enterprise performance, to make contributions in their own posts, realize their life values

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