Development Plan

Strategic Planning

  First, the company's development strategy
  Adhere to the "fine, special, unique, new" development ideas, give full play to technology and management advantages, the main "two high and one low" special cotton pulp, and vigorously expand domestic and international markets, seize the opportunity, mass distribution, built with international class of special cotton pulp enterprises.
  Second, the recent development plan
  1, actively looking for partners, the choice of site layout, the establishment of superior grade raw materials supply base.
  2, the full use of local government "out of the city into the park," support policies, and actively implemented step by step plant relocation.
  In accordance with the municipal government of unified planning, the project settled in Suzhou Economic Development Zone industrial park. Project budget investment of 420 million yuan, 309 acres of land, capacity 60,000 tons. Project Cycle 30 months (March 2012, September 2014).
  Relocation planning and design principles: the production line and wastewater treatment facilities and upgrading equipment and technology, product and quality upgrading, energy saving, clean production, enhance the corporate image, reserve space for enterprise development purposes.
  Currently the project has entered the construction phase.
  Third, talent planning
  1, adhere to the basis of the selection and training within the enterprise;
  2, to introduce external talent to supplement;
  3, and actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation, corresponding to recruit, train reserve personnel for business needs.
  Fourth, on the company co-operate with the Nanjing Forestry University Pulp and Paper Accepted professional training courses and descriptions
  1. purpose. For the development of corporate relocation and train reserve personnel.
  2.Use the arrow: production technology backbone of the staff positions; primary section, the team management cadres; selection and training into the company more than middle management and technical cadres.
  3. the progress of work: the company is currently working with South Forestry launched two large cooperative "Pulp and Paper Technology" course.

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